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The Associated Press

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06/23/11 to 06/22/14
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Knight News Challenge

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To help journalists find stories in large amounts of data through a new tool that finds patterns in and visualizes document sets.

Overview is a tool to help journalists find stories in large amounts of data by cleaning, visualizing and interactively exploring large document and data sets. Whether from government transparency initiatives, leaks or freedom of information requests, journalists are drowning in more documents than they can ever hope to read. There are good tools for searching within large document sets for names and key words, but that doesn't help find stories journalists are not looking for. Overview will display relationships among topics, people, places and dates to help journalists to answer the question, “What’s in there?” The goal is an interactive system where computers do the visualization, while a human guides the exploration – plus documentation and training to make this capability available to anyone who needs it.
















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Project Team

Jonathan Stray

Interactive Technology Editor, The AP

Jonathan Stray is interactive technology editor at The Associated Press global headquarters in New York, overseeing developers and producers who create new storytelling techniques and experiences. Stray started writing computer graphics software in high school, eventually landing a job at Adobe Systems, where he led a number of research projects. In his time off, he travelled through Africa and Asia. Awed by what he saw, he began to write about it and found work as a freelance journalist. He moved to Hong Kong in 2009, contributing to Foreign Policy, The New York Times and China Daily. He holds a master’s in computer science from the University of Toronto and a master’s in journalism from the University of Hong Kong.

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